Mid-Term Crunch

Spring break is in less than one week! But standing in front of me and the luxury of home is six hours of work, four quizzes, two interviews, and one lab report. In this crazy It is really easy to get overwhelmed and start stressing out, but there is a lot of things to remember during this time.

  1. BREATHE. Do not let this get to you. It is easy to get caught up in pulling all-nighters 4 days in a row, Don’t do that. Take a deep breath and then resume what you’re doing.
  2. Make a list. It can get crazy when suddenly you have 4 tests, a group project and an essay all due in a week. It is imperative that you stay organized!
  3. Just do it. Sometimes the hardest part of an assignment is getting started. Just sit down and do it.
  4. SELF-CARE. Please take a shower. Take a nap.
  5. Eat in the dining hall. It can be tempting to just go to UnCommon and get something but don’t waste all of your money. If you’re on the go, get take out from the dining hall! Don’t forget, New Dorm Dining Hall is open until 8!

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