Back to the Grind

Students have been making their way back to Bryn Mawr today, settling in before the second quarter begins. This is the home stretch…there are only 49 days until May Day! Out of all four quarters in the academic year, this is the hardest quarters of the year, in my opinion. We jump right back into school work, but summer is so close!

I remember last year my HA told me the weeks after spring break, are the toughest because we come back from a week of rest straight into second midterms, essays, projects, etc. And for many of us, these are super important (not that the others aren’t important), but for many, it is the final exam/project/essay until the final! There are also no breaks between now and summer-and probably no snow days either :(.

It can be very difficult to get back into the momentum you were in before break, but it is imperative that you quickly regain that momentum…and of course you will because you are a Mawrtyr and you’re not afraid of anything and you can do anything…and just remember Done is Good, and Done means SUMMER!

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