The Madness of March

March Madness is a time when college students all over the United States cheer on their school’s basketball team as they play to become champions of the NCAA. This is often a time where school spirit is at an all time high. As mentioned in a previous post, I am a huge sports fan. It is usually around this time, and during college football season where I question by decision to come to a small liberal arts college because of the lack of that type of atmosphere. However, around Bryn Mawr-and Philadelphia in general, we are surrounded by some pretty amazing sports schools including Villanova University, Temple University, and St. Joseph’s University. And of course there’s Penn and Drexel, but their sports teams aren’t as good as the schools mentioned before (sorry).

Nova, Temple and St. Joe’s all were all seeded in the tournament and this had Philadelphia buzzing with excitement. Three local teams going to the big dance (aka March Madness tournament) had all of the local news stations buzzing with dreams of a championship in their eyes (this city has been deprived a championship for almost 8 years.) Unfortunately, Temple lost in a close game, losing by 2 points in over time, but Villanova has made their way to the Sweet 16, and St. Joe’s will play later tonight.

So being at Bryn Mawr, my loyalties will be going to Villanova, our neighbors two miles away. I distinctly remember last year, when I tweeted about supporting Nova during March Madness, I got some comments from current Bryn Mawr students like “ew, why would you cheer for Villanova?” Well, since Bryn Mawr is not playing, I need someone to cheer for, so why not cheer for a school close by, who are also very good? I don’t really understand the dislike some students have for Villanova. It is a great school with a great sports program, and I really appreciate having someone to root for during March Madness.

So for the next few weeks, I will consider myself as a “cousin” to Nova, cheering for them and hoping they win it all! 8f7ab9bebf88e655fe431296257f6ee8 bmc_al_c_web

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