May Day Checklist

It is that time of the year. Tomorrow will be our final “Monday wake up,” for classes as the final week approaches. We are less than a week away from May Day-one of the best traditions at Bryn Mawr.

As we make our “Done is Good” lists and slowly stress out over everything that needs to be finished in the next couple of weeks, May Day is the one day where Mawrtyrs can take a step back, appreciate all that they have accomplished this year, and just enjoy themselves before the craziness of finals and deadlines ensue. May Day is a time for everyone-yes even those with scheduled exams the day or next day after May Day (I have a final on Tuesday *insert crying emoji*)-to enjoy the day and of course take pretty pictures!11178340_10203427264196214_6070570176516171465_n

Important things for May Day:

  1. A White Outfit, if you want of course.
  2. A Flower Crown, again if that’s what you want.
  3. A picnic blanket or something like it to claim a spot on Merion Green for the day with your friends,
  4. Water! Gotta stay hydrated out there-last year it was so hot!
  5. Comfortable shoes, you’ll be walking on grass for most of the day so wear shoes accordingly.
  6. Sunglasses, will depend on the weather

Some things I learned last year:

  • Take pictures!
  • Don’t be upset if you don’t end up hanging out with the people you expected to. Things happen, make the best out of the situation.
  • Try to not think of school work. Obviously it’s that time of year but try to think of life outside of the library for at least an hour 🙂

May Day with KCass!

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