24 Hour Canaday: A Blessing or a Curse?

We see it in movies and in TV shows, if you are not studying all the time, you will probably fail. Well, almost 3 semesters of college later (!!!), the phenomenon of all nighters is not helpful.

Finals week rolls around and we get emails, and see signs about “24 Hour Canaday.” It is definitely difficult not to stress about everything that needs to be finished in the short amount of time, but 24 hour Canaday is NOT a challenge! Please, please, PLEASE do not stay in Canaday for 24 hours! In the world we live in of snapchatting your study guid4185038515_2cde8c0285_be at 2:34 AM, tweeting about the finals struggle, the constant Bryn Mawr work poker (ie. Friend A: I have 2 papers and 3 exams due next week, Friend B: Well I have 3 papers and 4 exams next week…), and of course thinking college is all about staying up very late to study, it is difficult to not take advantage of 24 hour Canaday. But when you are working, it is important to think about if what you are doing is really effective, or if you are just wearing yourself out for no reason.

There have been many studies done to showing how studying late at night effects academic performance. I’ll save you a click, it’s better to sleep early and not cram/pull all nighters. Of course if you have a 10 page paper due tomorrow afternoon and you are only on page 3, work on that paper! But don’t make it an everyday occurrence.

So as the number of “tomorrows you have left to study” decreases, please don’t increase the number of days you in Canaday without leaving. Get some food, take a shower, and get some sleep! Good luck and remember done is good!

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